Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to make life better

What is the most important thing in life apart from family, loved ones or partner?

Its always money and it always will be. 90% of the population of the world is running after money and the remaining 10% has all the money of the world.
No matter what you do and try harder everyday to earn more money or that job profile or position. You still end up with spending more of the green stuff.

Its because you have all the monthly bills and loans and other expenses. To get your daily bread you work the heck out.

Now there are a lot of people who have jobs, their own business and they work harder everyday to earn more and more for the sake of their family and themselves.
But still the money that they (or rather WE!!) earn is not enough. Something is always missing. We still are not happy.
We all want that better car, a better house a better everything.

Wait!! now back up a little. If we always will be unhappy and doubtful about our lives and daily routine then we will always end up with the same things we face everyday.

Now to make it more better for you let me share my own story for you.

I am from India and the town i am in right now is the same town i was born and i grew up here. Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

I completed my high school with no further plans of studying. WRONG CHOICE!! i regret that everyday.
after my High School i moved to Mumbai where my brother was already working with a BPO. I thought that would make my life. I started working with Accenture where i was an internet technician for ATT ( at&t ).
The money i was earning then was sufficient for me it was 12000 Rupees.
but after a couple of months i wanted more. i wanted those figures to change to bigger figures. But that was not possible. Still i managed to earn a little more that what i was earning. i was a teen back then.
I changed a lot of companies in my foolishness of earning more money and getting a better job profile. But i would say moving forward has its own perks. in 2012 i wanted to buy a new bike.
I went to different showrooms to check out what i wanted.
That didn't work for me. and quickly the thought of owning a bike was changed into "owning a Car"
well. Thats where the magic started.
I was shown the Secret, my brother was watching this THE SECRET movie and as i entered the house,
(by the way if people who dont know what the movie is i recommend you to watch it )He said " Sit down and watch this."
I was like it would be some kind of an adult movie or some documentary.
But my eyes were opened after watching that.
I quickly started generating the positive thoughts.
Well just in 1 month i owned a Chevy it was a used car though, but never the less i was the first car owner in my family of 5.
I cherished and loved that car and my life couldn't be better.

I quickly realised that "i can do more." "I can get more stuff! whatever i want" so i began to be grateful and positive and most important HAPPY!

Then unfortunately my Girlfriend married another guy, i was doomed as they say.
Lost my job lost everything. For one year i forgot that i was something and was happy and a person with positive attitude.
Still i didn't lose faith in myself after 1 year of gap i met a guy from Dubai.
I shared a little of my story with him and he said " will you work as an anchor in Dubai?"
I wasn't sure about that still i said "yes". See here i started to get the positive vibe and started to be happy again.
within one year i was in Dubai Hosting shows and earning triple the money i was earning in Mumbai.

Life couldn't be better.

See! here i learned a lot about my past and who and what i was and what i was becoming.
But what you are living right now is the result of what you thought in your past.
And trust me this is true. it worked for me and for many people.
My elder brother still continues to live a grateful, positive and a happy life even after a lot of ups and downs and now he is an " English Trainer " with British Council.

as for me i am back in my country and it has been 3 years now that i don't have a job no money in my pocket. But i have changed the current situation.
The lesson i want to give you all here is whether you are happy or not, whether you have money or not. Live your life happily and with positive attitude and the time will change.
What your thoughts are right now is gonna affect your future and right now if your thoughts are bad then god help you, because you will have that in the future.
So if you want something for yourself or someone then start believing in those thoughts. Even if its a silly thing.
Even if your thoughts are silly or lame or dumb. At least start  having those positive thoughts and start believing in those thoughts.

If you want your life to be better then you are the only person to make it happen.

People will come and give you lectures and their thoughts on what to do and what not.
But you've gotta listen to your heart and brain as that is the thing which will take you above and beyond.

Whatever i am doing right now either its Blogging or youtube i am happy and grateful that i have something to do.

I hope you got a little headsup on how we can change our lives.

If you have any questions or comments dont forget to let me know.

And do vosit my Youtube channel

I will keep writing more as i want to help people to make their life better because according to me i have learnt a lot in my life time and i have to learn more as i am 27.

I wish you all good luck. God Bless.

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