Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How to be stress free

We always face difficulties in our lives. We often tend to take stress of even small things that happen around us, and when we share these things with others, boy they get worse.
Don't believe me?
Ill tell you how. When we share or speak of anything with others, we generate a thought and we believe in that thing, which is known as the reality of life. We live in the reality of life no doubt.

But this is what we believe in, these are a result of the thoughts that we thought in the past. Be it a negative or positive. But we generated that thought and it happened. 
Talk to a priest and ask "What is the power that cannot be destroyed, cannot be made and is Immortal"
The answer will be GOD!
Now talk to a scientist or a person with the expertise of science and ask that person "  What is the power that cannot be destroyed, cannot be made and is Immortal"
The answer to that will be ENERGY!
So the theory here is that there is always something BIG that we look upon and believe in. Weather we believe in god or science or whatever. But there is always something bigger than us. 
Now hold on i am coming to the part of stress. So! When you generate a thought, what happens?
The waves explode from your brain and go far beyond earth and beyond we can imagine. The Universe or God listens to those thoughts and they align things in the way that your thought is always answered NO EXCEPTION! what so ever. 

All we need to do is Generate positive thoughts. Now how to do that? 
Well trust me its very simple. 
To generate good and positive thoughts and get stress and tension free we just need to be with or do things we love.
For example if you love pets! then be with them! don't have any? then go to youtube or google and search for pet videos.
If you love to be with your partner then speak to him or her. But don't speak about negative things that are going around in life. Speak of something beautiful or the first day you met or the first kiss or whatever it takes to make you happy.
Then you will start to realise that you are already generating good positive thoughts.
Once you start generating good and positive thoughts even if they are not real. Just do it because it is making you happy and in the process it is also making you life!
Now i know for sure that we cannot deny the reality of life, we cannot deny the fact that there are problems in life. Who doesn't ? everyone has problems in their lives. But the worst things we do is we share those with other people and think of them all the time or may be half the time.
We just have to think positive and be happy even if that happiness is not there.
I know it sounds pretty unrealistic. But DO YOU WANT THE CHANGE?
And if you do then just start being happy. 
There is another thing to it. Which is when you generate a positive and a good thought, then you have to believe it. Even if it's not real. What we are is a result of what we thought in our past.
What you are thinking now is making a path for your future. So why not make that path into a freeway of joy and happiness and success and stress free life.
I am telling you once you start to have good and positive thoughts you will start to realise that you are doing good and you'll be happy.
Here's what you can do. When you wake up in the morning, smile and even if you aren't happy feel happy. Have a smile on your face all day i am telling you your day will be the best. 
Go to any renowned and a good restaurant and see the face of the person at the reception. What they have?
SMILE! its taught in the customer service industry to have a smile. Even if you are on the phone with the customer.
What a smile can change. 
I have a lot of stories to tell only on smile. Personal stories, and they are great. But i will leave you to it as of now.
I hope you like reading it. And as always God Bless. 
There will be more coming.