Friday, February 24, 2017

How to get everything you want in life.

Well! This is a tricky part for all!

We all want some or the other thing in life. "Don't we?"
Be it a car, a spouse, Money, House everything that you want in your life is worth something right?

Well if you believe in something you will get it.

Now i know this sounds crazy but please just read it!! once you apply this to you lives! i am sure you will have the things you want in your life.

You wanna be successful? Well Believe it!!

See there is a pattern in everything that we do and want in our lives.

If you want something then you will have to believe it.

You wanna be famous? well in a good and positive way just get out there and start believing it that you are famous.

Here is an example. I wanted to buy a vehicle for myself. The first thing i did, was ask. I had a thought that i want to own a car.
Then what?
You are the only person to do things for yourself. Nobody else will come to do things for you. ( Parents are an Exception though)
But really if you want something then you have to do 3 things.
1) ASK!! (Have a thought of what you want)
2) Believe ( Visualise that you already have it )
3) Receive ( This one happens on its own and can take a day 30 days a year. Depends on your thoughts and beliefs)

Now when you will have a thought of having something. For example you want to own a car.
The first thing you will do is you will have a thought, after you will have a thought you will start to see something. All you need to do is, you need to realise and really see it.
So if you want to own a car, once your thought is generated you will start to see the same car everywhere. In TV Commercials, when you hit the road. It could be anywhere and everywhere. You just have to see it and realise that this was the exact thing i want. Once you realise that you are getting the answer for what you asked.
You need to believe that you already own it. Menaing even if its not there you need to believe that you own that same car.
And out of no where and out of no way there will be a way for you. You just have to have that belief that you have that thing or you own it.

Once you start believing that you already have it within some time something will happen or you will have a thought to so something. Out of nowhere.

See its just that belief. In order to achieve things you need to be positive in life ALWAYS.

I know it sounds a little out of the way and dumb. But really how bad you want the change in your life.

It all depends on your thoughts. If you will think that "Oh My God!!! i have that debt, How am i gonna pay for it, i have no job " you will attract the exact same thing in your daily life and you will get all the communication from the collectors.
But instead of thinking of the debt you have! If you will think and believe that all you debt is clear and you have an AMAZING credit score!! the you betya!! out of nowhere something will happen, either you will get money or better job profile or you will get a job.
It will happen.

As i said earlier that it sounds dumb and unrealistic. But at least we can try it right? there is no harm in trying to be positive and in believing in what you want. Its FREE! all you need to do is. Have a little time with yourself all alone. 15 minutes tops and you have to think of what you want then believe that what you want you already have it. then you'll start to see the

I'll share an example of myself. I had a debt myself. All i did was i used to think about that everyday so i used to get calls from collectors.
I had no job nothing. Not even a single penny to pay the debt.
But how i changed it all, is i started to believe that my debt is clear and i have an amazing job.
and i believed and believed and i was and still am positive about life.
and after a month i simply stopped getting calls from collectors and i have an amazing job.
I am a youtuber and i love what i do.

If you have any questions do let me know in the comments.

I will be writing more as i love to help people in need. As i have been through what people are going through.
And i want to make a difference.

My YouTube Channel : 10Sense

God Bless

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