Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How to learn to be successful

I might be new to this success information spreading thing. I also know that i don't know all, well! does anybody know it all?
I don't think so every one is on a learning curve of their lives. Every second we learn something new all our lives.
But what we do is we often ignore the mistakes we made and move on. But instead, if we stop for a second and realise what just happened! Then, we would start to learn from our mistakes and make sure those never happen again EVER!

So let me help you as i want to help the lost souls like me. I have been there i know how people feel about being unsuccessful or no jobs or no money etc.

Success is the word which is far far away from a lot of people. This is nowhere to be found, but if we do what we do and do what we love and appreciate and be grateful and most important be persistent in what we do then success will come running towards us like an athlete.
and you know what we will be the winner.

Now let me talk about some hold-backs, what is holding us back from doing something we want?
It is our daily routine our daily lives that we go through every single day.
Wake up freshen up have breakfast go to work be there all day come back home have dinner and this goes on for years and lifetime.
But what do we really want? Do we want a stagnant lifestyle? I don't think so.
Now i am not saying that we should leave everything and start something totally out of the blue. That would cost us a lot of things. What i am saying is to improvise.

To be successful in life we have to look for opportunities. Opportunity could be right out at the door almost about to knock it. Most of us ignore them. For example :- i have worked in Dubai for at least 2 years i know how the life is there its amazing, the place! where you live! work place everything. So i was in my country talking to a friend about Dubai and the work culture there.
So my friend said his Uncle wants him to come to Dubai and work there with him!
and he said i cannot go i am too scared to go what about my family here and you know the reasons we give.
I told that guy about the opportunity which was right in front of him! But unfortunately he did not take it and its gone. Bad for him and an example for us.

Guys any thought about earning money is a good thought. We just need to listen to our heart and work on that thought. How do you think the bulb got invented? If Edison did not have a thought then we probably would have something else instead of an electric bulb.
What if graham bell did not think of a telephone? would we be using a cellphone or a smartphone now?
I know if it was not Alexander then there would have been somebody else, but that is not the point here.
The point is that these were normal people like us and they had a thought and they did it.
Do you know the book "Chicken soup for the soul"
How do you think it got published?
The books author Mr. Jack Canfield had the thought of publishing his book in the SHOWER, he had this thought and you know what he implied that thought and now his book is almost everywhere.

If you can do read about Abraham Lincoln's story, i am sure most of us know the story but do we know the whole story of his life? apart from the vampire slayer (That was a joke)
Before becoming the POTUS he tried so many things and failed all the time. But from his failures he learned and implied those in life and what a great man he was.
If you are looking for inspiration then read these stories, learn from successful people, read how they did it, i am not only sure but i am positive that you will get inspired and you will do something out of the box and out of no where you will also have a thought to do something.
I'll tell you what 8 years i have been working for BPO's different people but i really wanted to work for me. I wanted to work when i want and how i wanted.
And after all these years i realised it now.
When i was about 20 i used to think that " i want to work from home from my own laptop and earn money"
That is exactly what i am doing right now, the only difference is that RIGHT NOW i am not earning much. But may be 1 year down the line i see myself earning more and taking the steps towards success.
All we need is inspiration and persistence in what we do.

I will be writing more as i want to help people to get rid of their sadness of life. I want everyone to be happy and positive in their lives and most important what if everyone is successful.
What if people can pay their bills easily, college fees, learn more.
I just want to see the world change and all the souls happy.
God Bless

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